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Services to be provided during lock down

During the 21 day lockdown period from 26 March 2020 onwards it will be business unusual at Greenside Animal Hospital.  Veterinary services have been announced to be an essential service.  Greenside Animal Hospital will be open and functional and we will provide consultations and diagnostic modalities like radiography, ultrasound and laboratory services for sick and also provide emergency clinical services like general anaesthesia and surgery for emergencies, as long as we have healthy staff to man the practice.

We will not be doing elective procedures, i.e. ovariohysterectomies (spays), neuters, vaccinations, cosmetic surgery, dentals, nail clipping, grooming, beak trimming etc., unless medically indicated.

If you need any chronic medication to be dispensed, please phone us with this request in advance to allow us to prepare it for you and limit your waiting time in reception. Normal Regulations determine we can only provide you with a month’s supply but given the current extra-ordinary situation we may be able to provide you with two months’ supply.

You can purchase pet food and veterinary healthcare products like tick and flea products (and much more) via our website and have it delivered to your home https://pethero.co.za/greenside-animal-hospital/?referred_by=60191

To make an appointment to bring in your animal, please phone the practice on 011 646 4210.

Procedure to bring an animal for a visit during lockdown

We work on an appointment system only and we ask that you help us in this regard during the lockdown period. Appointments can be made by phoning 011 646 4210.

Upon arrival at the practice please stay in or at your car and phone our reception to notify them of your arrival. As soon as it is your turn, we will send a staff member outside to call you. This process will enhance social distancing and prevent many people having to aggregate and be in the reception area together. If possible only one human family member should come in with the animal/s.

We request that if there is a possibility that your health has been compromised ( i.e. have been diagnosed with COVID-19, been in contact with a confirmed case or even if you are displaying flu-like symptoms), that you notify our receptionists at the time of making the appointment so that one of our vets or nursing staff can phone you back to obtain the clinical history before the animal is brought in. You can e-mail pictures relevant to the animal’s condition to greensideanimalhospital@gmail.com We also request that where possible your rather arrange for a relative or friend to bring your animal to Greenside Animal Hospital.

When the person bringing in the animal arrives for the appointment please phone us from the parking lot to notify us of the arrival and stay at the car until one of our staff members come to meet you at the vehicle. Our staff will bring your animal into the hospital. Once your animal has been examined, the doctor may come to the car or alternatively phone you to discuss the diagnostic and treatment plan and costs with you.

Should your pet require hospitalisation, we will send you the hospital admission form in electronic format via e-mail which will have to be accepted so we can proceed with treatment. If it is possible to treat your pet as an outpatient, and payment is required, we will bring the card machine to your car to make the payment.

We include a pamphlet from the Federation of European Companion Animal Veterinary Associations (FECAVA) here which outlines the procedure.