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Puppy classes

We are fortunate to have some of the most experienced dog trainers in South African run out puppy school on a Thursday evening at the Greenside Animal Hospital from  17:30 to 18:30 and 18:30 to 19:30.

Vera Drummond, Elske Spencer-Crooks and Julia Davies have collectively trained dogs for 60 years. Not only have Vera and Elska both won the National Obedience championships with their own dogs but they also present master classes for dog trainers throughout Southern Africa. Does this mean we would like your puppy to become a national champion? By no means. We believe that a well socialised dog becomes a wonderful member of the family and of society. Therefore puppy socialistation forms the corners stone of a long and meaningful relationship between owner and dog and other animals. If a proper foundation has been laid by starting off at 8 weeks with the first puppy socialisation class, a well behaved pet is the result leading to a happy relationship between you and your dog.

We strongly encourage all clients who acquire new puppies to bring them to puppy socialisation for at least three months from 8 weeks of age. Initially puppy training involves nothing more than “playschool” where the puppies can play and interact with other puppies of similar ages. As time progresses basic commands are taught and owners are educated and trained as much as the dog itself by teaching the owner to understand the dogs natural pack instinct and behaviour.

To find out more about  the puppy school, call Julia on 083 367 6649, Elske on 083 260 8917 or Vera on 083 750 6097

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