My cat’s eyes are swollen and teary

Conjunctivitis in Cats

There is something wrong with my dog’s eyes

Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca – Dry eye

My dog has what looks like a red cherry stuck in the corner of its eye

Cherry eyes in pets

Vaccination promotion

The recent outbreak of distemper in Gauteng which seems to have spread from KwaZulu Natal is all over the news.  Distemper is a severe viral disease that is highly contagious and for which there is no treatment other than supportive treatment for animals that have been infected. The mortality rate for this disease is very high and […]

My pet injured its eye!

Trauma to the eye- eyelids and cornea

The vet could not cure my pet!

Owner Compliance and the Role you as an Owner Play

My dog is really getting old

Geriatric dogs – The senior years

My cat is really getting old

Geriatric Cats – The senior years

My pet is vomiting

Is vomiting a sign of an upset tummy?

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