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Microchip your pet!

Make sure your pets can always find their way home. Pets that are microchipped have higher chances of being reunited with their families when they go missing.

Because we want your fur baby to be safe at all times, we are offering you a 35% discount (valid for August 2019 only) to get them chipped.

The microchip does not work like a tracking device. The small cell-like device containing a unique number, linked to a database with your information, is injected into your pet. Registered Veterinarians, Animal Shelters and Anti-Cruelty Centres scan pets for a microchip and use the stored contact information to reunite pets with their loved ones.

The microchipping process is easy with minimal discomfort for your pets and they will be protected for a lifetime. Call us today on 011 646 4210 to book your appointment.

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