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How the coronavirus affects Greenside Animal Hospital

Dear Valued Greenside Animal Hospital Client

The world is in turmoil due to the Corona Virus. We, at  Greenside Animal Hospital, would like to reassure our clients that we shall endeavour to react as responsibly as is possible given the current circumstances. To maintain a sustainable service, it is important to recognise that your health, your pet’s health and the health of our staff is of utmost importance.

To this effect, if you feel that there is a possibility that your health has been compromised ( i.e. have been diagnosed with COVID-19, been in contact with a confirmed case etc. or even if you are displaying flu-like symptoms), please advise the receptionist when making an appointment.

We will then arrange for the doctor on duty and one of our staff members to meet you at your car in the parking lot in front of the practice when you come for your appointment (please phone us when you are in the parking lot so we know you have arrived). The doctor will obtain a clinical history for your pet and discuss the diagnostic plan. The doctor will then take your pet into the hospital, do the necessary investigations and come back to the car and discuss the treatment plan and costs with you.

Should your pet require hospitalisation, we will bring the necessary paperwork to you for completion. If it is possible to treat your pet as an outpatient, and payment is required, we will bring the card machine to your car to make the payment as well as your pet and the necessary medication.

We have set up a sanitisation station at the entrance to the hospital where we will provide hand sanitation spray and gel for anyone entering and leaving the practice.
The card machines will be sanitised before and after each usage.

If you are hesitant to come into the practice to buy your pet food or products, you are welcome to buy online through our website and have it delivered to your home by clicking here.  Delivery is free for orders over R450.00.

If you are too ill to bring a pet into hospital, we will arrange for a pet ambulance to collect your pet from home and bring it to the hospital. Please let us know should you require this service for us to arrange a quote for you.

As information stands at the moment, it appears unlikely that the coronavirus can be transmitted from humans to our pets or vice versa.  However, this information may change as more research information becomes available.  To learn more about COVID-19 and your pets, please visit our website to read the article on how the Coronavirus affects your pets.

By keeping our staff and our fellow pet owners safe, we hope to keep our doors open and continue to care for your pets.

Dr Suzette Greubel and The Greenside Healthcare Team