Why groom with us?

We’re not just a doggy parlour – we’re a veterinary hospital. This means your pets are in the safest hands when they are professionally groomed at Greenside Animal Grooming Services. Brushing your pet’s coat regularly helps to distribute their natural skin oils throughout their coat and keeps it healthy. We also recommend bathing your pet at home now and again, to maintain their hygiene and keep their coat in good shape in between grooming sessions. Professional grooming not only contributes to your pet’s health, but it eases the pressure on your time in this fast-paced life!

  • We assess your pet’s skin and coat condition
  • We use top quality products to enhance your pet’s skin and coat health
  • We may pick up any skin issues – lumps, bumps, scrapes or lesions
  • We employ the safest grooming techniques to keep your pet calm and comfortable
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