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Dental promotion – September 2020

Does your dog or cat suffer with bad breath? Many pets do. This is most likely because of a build-up of plaque, tartar and dental calculi (hard brown calcified plaque). Imagine not brushing your teeth for two years. Very few pet owners brush their pets’ teeth regularly, so it is almost inevitable that most pets will start suffering with bad breath at some point without proper intervention. A dental procedure can resolve this. The procedure is performed under General Anaesthesia and the hard calculi is removed utilising ultrasonic descaling after which the teeth are polished to be bright and shiny, like new. Bad breath gone!

You may not realise it, but your dog or cat’s dental health has a major influence on their overall health. Your pet won’t be able to tell you if they have a rotten or fractured tooth or a growing abscess, so the risk is that the longer any dental conditions are left to develop, the more dangerous they can become.

When left unchecked, dental infections can begin to infect your dog or cat’s major internal organs like the heart and kidneys, causing unnecessary complications and expense. Getting your pet’s teeth cleaned regularly is not just about their mouth, but about their general health, happiness and longevity.

Dental cleaning
A dental check-up and cleaning is a wonderful way to ensure your furry friend not only has a happy oral environment and fresh breath, but also a clean bill of health. During the dental cleaning, your four-legged family member will be under anaesthetic, which gives us the opportunity to do what we need to do to clean and polish healthy teeth, to remove any problem teeth and to treat your pet’s oral environment safely and comfortably.

High cost for high treatment
A proper dental cleaning and the associated procedures that go with it are surgical in nature. It is a specialised procedure performed for the benefit of your animal’s dental health and overall wellbeing. The cost is higher than routine pet examination and treatment because of the need for General Aneasthesia and specialised veterinary dental equipment to be able to perform the procedures required and to create a safe and comfortable experience for your dog or cat.

The risks of delaying dental cleaning
The longer you delay getting your dog or cat’s teeth checked and cleaned, the greater the risk of any dental issues becoming more severe and painful for them with some changes being irreversible leading to loss of teeth and, or systemic disease. This could result in a much more complicated and expensive procedure, which may increase your animal’s post-surgical recovery period as well. We understand that the cost of a dental cleaning may be a deterrent in getting it done regularly, but apart from bad breath the general health consequences of putting it off can be dire.

Greenside Animal Hospital Dental Month
With this in mind, we encourage you to take advantage of our Dental Month promotion, which includes a R 1 000 discount on dental cleaning procedures. This is a R 1 000 off our already subsidised pricing. It runs for the month of September and is the perfect opportunity to focus on your dog or cat’s dental health: to get their teeth checked, cleaned and treated at an ever greater reduced cost, and to use the opportunity stop any potential health issues in their tracks.

There are limited appointments available, so booking is essential. To schedule a dental cleaning (or if you have any questions) give us a call on 011 646 4210.

This promotion is valid from 1 September to 30 September 2020 or until fully booked.

Kind regards from
The Greenside Animal Hospital healthcare team