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Pet heroism

Who is saving whom? How pets improve our lives

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Domestic pet poisoning

My pet may have eaten something poisonous. How do I know if she will be alright?

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Malicious poisoning of dogs

I think my dog has been poisoned! What must I do?

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My pet seems to have a persistent cough. What caused it and what can I do about it?

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My dog has sores around his anus, which he is constantly licking. He also gets aggressive if I touch his tail and he seems uncomfortable and is just not himself. What’s wrong?

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Corneal Ulceration

My pet’s eye is half closed and there seems to be something in their eye

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Chronic diarrhoea in dogs and cats

My pet has recurring episodes of loose stools

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Zoom vs the zoomies: Should pet owners expect their vets to rely on telemedicine during and post-Covid-19?

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