Spirocerca Lupi in dogs

Spirocerca lupi [S lupi] is a worm that has dogs as its definitive host and forms a nodule [“granuloma”/mass] within the lower oesophagus (“slukderm”]. The wormIt is a large± 5cm long red worm that lives inside the oesophagus (slukderm) of the dog. It forms a large nodule in the oesophagus which usually results in the symptoms …

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Mange in cats

My cat is scratching relentlessly and has begun to lose patches of fur. She looks pretty unhappy. What can I do?

Mange in dogs

My young dog’s fur is falling out – it started on her face and around her eyes. She’s not scratching a lot, but is feeling under the weather. What could it be?


My dog’s eye looks a bit cloudy and appears to be shrunken. Sometimes he behaves like he can’t see properly.

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