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Frequently Asked Questions

Spirocerca Lupi in Dogs

Dr Dave Miller, Johannesburg Specialist Veterinary Centre Dr Liesel Van der Merwe , Onderspoort Veterinary Academic Hospital Spirocerca lupi [S lupi] is a worm that has dogs as its definitive host and forms a nodule [“granuloma”/mass] within the lower oesophagus (“slukderm”]. The worm It is a large± 5cm long red worm that lives inside the […]

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Frequently asked questions about microchipping

What is a microchip? A microchip is a small, electronic chip enclosed in a glass cylinder that is about the same size as a grain of rice. The microchip is activated by a scanner that is passed over the area, and the signal from the scanner activates the chip. The chip then transmits the identification […]

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By-Laws Relating to Dogs and Cats by City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality

Have you ever wondered about the restriction on the number of dogs you can keep, about permits for keeping dogs and rules around dogs in public places? Read more about the by-laws relating to dogs and cats in the City of Johannesburg. 

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How do fireworks affect our animals?

Lighting up the night sky with a magnificent display of pyrotechnics is a popular and fun way to usher in a new year; but while it may be enjoyable for us, it is hellish for our four-legged companions. Fireworks, along with thunderstorms and owners who have gone away, are the main causes of lost or […]

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How often does my pet need to see the vet?

Your pet needs to come and see us at least once a year for a general checkup and wellness examination. Pets age on average seven years for every human year and therefor an annual check-up for them is as good as a general medical checkup for yourself every 7 years. Regarding dental care, we recommend […]

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What do I do in case of an emergency with one of my animals if it’s after hours?

Where possible we do all our emergency work ourselves. In the case of an emergency, phone 011 646 4210 to obtain the telephone number for the vet on call. Please note that surcharges do apply for after hours and emergency calls.

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Do you have any tips when giving pets pills?

Animals can be very strong willed when it comes to giving pills, especially cats and small breed dogs. Don’t be disillusioned when a vet almost effortlessly gives your pet a pill. Vets have a few things working in their favour like that they are not on home ground and that they give pills to animals […]

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Why do my pets seem to go off their food towards the end of the bag?

This could be because the food goes stale. A bag of food shouldn’t be open for more than 4 weeks (in a sealed bag or other air tight container).You can do one of 2 things: Divide the bag into weekly portions, put them in zip lock bags and freeze them, or Freeze (in a zip lock […]

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My dog has bad breath, what can I do?

This could be caused by many things including bad or broken teeth. We check your dogs teeth annually when he comes for his annual check up but should you be worried at any time you should contact your vet. We have a number of dental products to care for your pets’ teeth which include dental […]

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I have a new puppy, what should I do?

If you have a new puppy – get them accustomed to having the eyes, ears, mouths and paws touched and handled. This will make visits to the vet a lot less stressful and will help you to be able to brush their teeth and cut their nails.

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