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Make an appointment quickly and easily by calling us on 011 646 4210.

Where are we located?

252 Barry Hertzog Ave, Greenside, Johannesburg. It’s difficult to miss the two giant dogs and our prominent signage on the corner of Barry Hertzog Avenue and Muirfield Road!


252 Barry Hertzog Ave, Greenside, Johannesburg.


We’re not just your corner vet – we share the care of your furry family.

Greenside Animal Hospital offers modern facilities fitted with state-of-the-art equipment, yet it is our treatment of animals that keeps our clients coming back. For 80 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing world-class veterinary services delivered with warmth, devotion and love for pets.

Make an appointment today to experience Greenside Animal Hospital’s commitment for yourself.


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Contact us

Make an appointment quickly and easily by calling us on 011 646 4210.

What to expect

We care. We care about your pets so much that our vision is to enrich your life by sharing the care of your pets in the provision of world-class veterinary services. From the moment you walk through our doors, you and your pets will experience exemplary levels of excellence in the treatment and prevention of pain and illness in pets, and in routine pet care.

We also offer all the services necessary to give your pets their best life – from grooming to puppy school, boarding and beyond. Browse our website to see more of what you can expect from Greenside Animal Hospital, then make your appointment asap!

Prepare for your appointment

  • Confirm your appointment with us. Arrive a few minutes early if possible.
  • Do not feed your pet before their appointment (unless in the case of a prescription diet).
  • Keep your pet as calm as possible on the way to the vet and give them time to calm down if they get amped up by the car ride.
  • Bring your pet’s vet card as well as a record of any medication they are currently on.
  • Bring along a list of symptoms and a timeframe of those symptoms if you are coming to us for a diagnosis. If your pet has behavioural symptoms, try to capture it on video to show the vet.
  • Write down everything you would like to cover – it’s easy to forget things during a time-sensitive appointment.
  • Please phone us to answer any questions you may have before your pet’s appointment.


Don’t just take our word for it – read these testimonials to understand why Greenside Animal Hospital has stood the test of time and will continue for decades to come.

Alet Verster

via Google Reviews

The vets and all the assistants and admin staff at Greenside Animal Hospital are phenomenal.

Our dog was bitten by a night adder outside of town on a Sunday, and we phoned their emergency number. Dr Suzette was able to meet us there and treat him quickly. He ended up staying for more than a week as they nursed him back to health. Between her and all the other vets, they took such good care of him and were so compassionate towards him and us. I’m not sure he would have survived if they hadn’t treated him so well and kept such a close eye on him.

Thank you to everyone on the team for being so professional, supportive and knowledgeable!


I knew from the getgo that my dog and I were in good hands. These guys have every detail taken care of. Dr Suzette Greubel did a splendid job of the procedure he had to have and gave me excellent after-care and support.

They really love their ‘patients’.

Maria Gerondoudis

via Google Reviews

Ahmed Bemath

via Google Reviews

I had the unfortunate experience of bringing my dog to Greenside Animal Hospital when he was diagnosed with parvo, but I couldn’t be more grateful for the phenomenal response and care provided by their team. From the moment I walked in, I was met with compassion and efficiency.

The staff at Greenside Animal Hospital acted swiftly, isolating my dog to prevent the spread of the virus while administering life-saving treatment. The veterinarians were not only highly skilled but also took the time to explain the treatment plan and answer all my questions, which brought me much-needed reassurance during a difficult time.

Throughout my dog’s stay, the hospital staff kept me updated on his progress, and I could tell they genuinely cared about his well-being. The facility was clean and well-maintained, providing a comfortable environment for both pets and their worried owners.

Thanks to the dedicated team , my dog made a remarkable recovery. Their expertise, compassion, and professionalism truly made a difference in our lives during a challenging moment. I can’t recommend them enough for their exceptional care in treating parvo and other pet emergencies.

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