My pet lost a patch of fur and developed a massive sore overnight. It looks like a burn wound.

Hotspots (Acute moist dermatitis or moist eczema)

Dental promotion – September 2020

Does your dog or cat suffer with bad breath? Many pets do. This is most likely because of a build-up of plaque, tartar and dental calculi (hard brown calcified plaque). Imagine not brushing your teeth for two years. Very few pet owners brush their pets’ teeth regularly, so it is almost inevitable that most pets […]

Acral lick granuloma

My pet does not stop licking his leg and has a huge sore where he licks


Zoom vs the zoomies: Should pet owners expect their vets to rely on telemedicine during and post-Covid-19?

My dog is tilting his head to the side, and seems to be off balance

Head tilt – Vestibular disease

Is my dog ill?

Common signs of illness in dogs

Is my cat ill?

Common signs of illness in cats

Services to be provided during lock down

During the 21 day lockdown period from 26 March 2020 onwards it will be business unusual at Greenside Animal Hospital.  Veterinary services have been announced to be an essential service.  Greenside Animal Hospital will be open and functional and we will provide consultations and diagnostic modalities like radiography, ultrasound and laboratory services for sick and […]

Procedure to bring an animal for a visit during lockdown

We work on an appointment system only and we ask that you help us in this regard during the lockdown period. Appointments can be made by phoning 011 646 4210. Upon arrival at the practice please stay in or at your car and phone our reception to notify them of your arrival. As soon as it […]

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